Williams Elegant Gin 5cl

  • Williams Elegant Gin 5cl
  • Williams Elegant Gin 5cl
  • Williams Elegant Gin 5cl



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Product Description

A 5cl miniature version. A relatively unknown fact: Gin is redistilled spirit.

However Williams Chase Elegant gin is unlike most other redistilled neutral grain spirits.Chase first press cider apples, fermenting the juice to create their own Cider. Then distil into Naked Chase Apple Vodka which they blend with juniper and 11 wild botanicals, including angelica, orange, lemon peel, hops and elderflower. And finish by adding natural mineral water from the aquifer that runs underneath the distillery from the Malvern Hills.

The resultant flavour is a full bodied and fruity gin with true provenance.

Tasting notes

Nose: Fresh aromas of juniper, citrus fruits and spices. Palate: Elegant crisp with juniper and green fruits upfront, followed by warm spices and earthy undertones. Finish: Full bodied, expressing aromatic complexity. The best way to try Williams Chase Gin is with ice and a slice of apple.

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